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Fees & Services


When it comes to property management fees and services, you’ll find our service package and fee structure to be one of the simplest and most straightforward in the market. Our property management fees revolve purely around managing your property. In fact, we DO NOT charge for any of the following:

  • Establishment
  • Cancellation
  • Administration
  • Postage and Petties
  • Monthly Statement
  • Annual Statement

When you start working with us, we’ll first review your property and then present a proposal detailing all our property management fees and services. This way, you know exactly what you’ll pay for and what level of service you can expect.

Property Management Fees and Services


We understand that owners primarily need peace of mind when they hire a property manger. Hence we do not take short cuts or offer piece meal packages. We cover everything thats needs to be done to manage your property as standard service so that you can go about doing what you do best. Also, we understand that every property and everybody is different and may have special requirements. We can happily discuss any additional services required that are not listed below. Please discuss your needs and we can present a customised proposal.


    • Collecting and managing rent
    • Disbursement of account fortnightly and
    • Issuing monthly financial statements
    • Controlling rental arrears and maintaining tenant ledger
    • Organising repairs and maintenance
    • Rent appraisal at each renewal or new tenancy
    • Payment of invoices on behalf of owners – City Council Rates, Urban Utilities etc.


    • Preparation of advertising for the property
    • Managing enquiries and organising inspections
    • Showing prospective tenants through the property
    • Processing application forms and verifying supporting documentation
    • Lease preparation and documentation processes
    • Conducting entry and exit inspection reports including property condition photos
    • Collecting, lodging and managing rental bond

Inspection and Reporting:

    • Routine inspections to witness property condition, wear and tear – three inspections per year
    • Detailed photographic reporting emailed following each inspection


Although our property management fees are low compared to the market, our service is premium, industry leading! How do we do that? It is simple – we are not greedy. Let me explain. Unlike a typical realestate agent, we do not spend on expensive offices in premium locations. We do not advertise on bus stops to be in your face all the time. Hence we can offer such higher service for the lower property management fees we charge.

Please request us for a copy of our full list of fees & services.


We proudly serve most of the greater Brisbane area. This is part of our commitment to becoming one of the best services for property management in Brisbane.

Orange Maple has an office in Greenslopes, QLD. Our rental managers are available to answer your call Mondays to Fridays, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. You can also send us your enquiries to admin@orangemaple.com.au at any time, and we’ll respond to it as soon as we can.


As your property manager, we’ll take care of everything for you when it comes to managing your property. From creating an accurate property appraisal for the current market to responsive tenant management, we’ll provide the home property management you deserve. Property management is what we do best at Orange Maple, and it’s what you can expect from us from the first moment we work together. All this at really low property management fees. Sure, you may find others offering lower property management fees. But do they offer the same level of service?


At Orange Maple, we’re committed to providing one of the finest tenant management services in the industry. As your property managers, we’ll manage the delicate tenant-landlord relationship for you and see to it that it remains beneficial for both sides. If you’re a tenant in a property we’re managing, rest assured we’ll always represent your interests and rights fairly to the landlord or property owner.